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Question: What is Better Than Football?

Answer: Football in the Snow.

American football, the personification of the inner struggles we feel every day, ripped out of our hearts and played upon the gridiron stage for all to see. Fighting for every inch, breath condensing like the steam from a bull's mouth before a charge. The clashing of opposing forces that unites and overcomes the differences of fanatics loyal to their nation. Where inches mean endless possibilities, deception, posturing, celebration, utter defeat. It is but a game, and yet some might some might say that about life. Do we elevate the game to our lives, or our lives to the game... Okay, this just isn't making any sense any more. Here are some awesome pictures from the Lions vs. Eagles game. They make me happy.

The Detroit Lions' Joique Bell, left, is tackled by Philadelphia Eagles' Bradley Fletcher during the first half of a snowy NFL football game in Philadelphia. 9LOVYDe