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Ever in the pursuit of happiness, knowing that it is a choice, the challenge is choosing it when there are so many opportunities not to. I find it in my family, faith, my friends and a few hobbies. For me ColorMeRosy is an opportunity to raise others up and to be raised up. I was born in Colorado and grew up in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, which is where my heart still resides. I graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2008 with a degree in... Recreation Management, yes that is really a degree, but more importantly that is where I met my beautiful wife. The need to actually have money to pay the bills, especially when the prospect of having children became a reality, motivated me to pursue other career paths. I'm now a Systems Engineer for a software company based in Henderson, NV and I have learned to find the beauty of this earth even here in the Mojave. There is happiness to be had, in rock climbing, writing software and sharing stories if you choose to look for it.



This is the point in the job interview when I usually choke...on my own feelings.  I hate it when people ask me to tell them about myself.  I mean, really.  What am I supposed to say?  “Well, my mother calls me evasive and to talk about her problems.  I once used an entire tube of chapstick without losing it or washing it in the laundry.”  So this little “About Me” blurb is kind of intimidating.  Self-promotion isn't really my thing and despite my best efforts, the end product reads a lot like an obituary.  It’s a little morbid, and I don’t do morbid.  I think that might be why I love Color Me Rosy: It’s the opposite of grisly.  It leaves a lot of room to smile.  Despite the injustices of the world, we can find hope and happiness in even the smallest of things if only we take the time to look.  I’m slipping on my rose colored glasses and I gotta say, the rosy hue makes the sky a little bluer.  So, what color is the sky in your world?



An avid believer that one should put off until tomorrow what he could do today, Jason can often be found watching YouTube videos when he should be working.  A native of New Mexico, Jason traded his desert digs for a little bit of paradise in San Diego.  He doesn’t drive a Prius and has never learned to surf but somehow the state of California has allowed him to stay.  Rather than look a gift horse in the mouth, Jason has decided to pay it forward by teaming up with Color Me Rosy and putting his YouTube addiction to work.  And by work, we mean the fun kind.



I learned a long time ago that happiness is relative and if we look hard enough, and make a conscious effort, we will be able to see the true richness of our lives. When I first answered the ad to write for Color Me Rosy I was excited at the prospect of having an outlet to reflect and share on the positive that surrounds my life. It's been incredibly uplifting to read the other articles written here, and I look forward to always being on the lookout for inspiration.