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Taking Out The Trash

I opened the door to the garage with my arms full this evening and looked at the obstacle course that was before me; a one car garage with my car, 3 bikes, 2 sets of shelves the bike trailer, golf clubs, a skate board, tools, chairs and some other junk standing in my way. I was trying to take out the trash, and the garbage cans were on the other side. I turned sideways to pass by the car, having to lift the 30 pound bag of trash over my head to squeeze by, my other arm wrapped around some empty boxes. Half way through the obstacle course I asked myself why I had chosen to lift the heavy garbage bag over my head instead of the light empty boxes. Who knows, then BAM, my adventure to the other side of the garage became an inspirational moment.. If sometimes we choose to do hard things even when we don't have to, we become used to and even comfortable with doing hard things. Then when difficult things come our way without our choosing, they are more easily overcome. Ha, you thought I was just going to tell a story about taking out the trash didn't you. Yes there is inspiration to be found, even in taking out the trash.

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  • mandy dee

    2/13/2014 5:00:38 PM | Reply

    May I have your acceptance to post this on my twitter?