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Try New Things

Back to school (I'm a closet nerd), sweaters, boots, football, changing colors, season premiers, and crisp Autumn air are some of my favorite things.  We're fast approaching my favorite time of year and despite living in a city that doesn't change much with the seasons, I'm a little excited.  I can't wait to bust out the boots, shop for new jackets and sweaters, or watch the UNLV Rebels maybe win a football game (it could happen, guys).  Imagine the fiercest eye-roll ever and you've got my mother in every conversation in regard to my enthusiasm for the coming months.  Take that eye-roll and combine it with a "you're an idiot" and you've got my brother in every conversation.  And they wonder why I'm an introvert.  Kidding.  

My great-grandmother used to tell me that the sweetest things in our lives might taste a little bitter to someone else (I spent half my life under the impression that's what "bitter-sweet" meant).  Go out and find the things in life that are sweet to you.  Not everyone is going to get on board but bandwagons can get a little crowded.  Try new things.  Discover yourself a little more.  Keep a positive outlook and remember the good in your life.  Sometimes the cloudiest of skies produce the most beautiful rainbows.  Maybe even an intense double rainbow.  All the way across the sky.  I don't know what it means, guys.

If a little shove is needed, I've compiled a list to help get your feet wet:

1.  Cook a five course meal.  Take the time, turn on a little music, and become one with your kitchen.  If you're culinary capabilities are lacking, then take a cooking class.  You might find that you really enjoy it and chances are you'll meet new people.

2.  Plant a tree.  This one might be difficult, especially depending on where you live, but there are a ton of resources on the internet to help you along the way.  

3.  Go to an arts festival.  The sidewalk art is my favorite.  Seriously, check it out.  

4.  Take a class.  Okay, so above I mentioned a cooking class.  Still recommending it.  But there are other classes you can take.  Check out the classes offered through local rec centers, colleges/universities, craft stores, etc.  Pretty much anything and everything will be covered at one point or another so it's likely you will find something to peak your interest.

5.  Learn how to make balloon animals.  It's random and connects you with your inner child, and if you have kids, they'll love it.

6.  Learn to golf.  Go to anger management.  I think they go hand in hand.

7.  Karaoke.  Maybe start at home with close friends before displaying the vocals in public.

8.  Start watching a new TV show or movie marathon.  We all deserve to be a little lazy every once in a while.  Indulge.  Put on your comfy sweats, grab your favorite goodies, shut the blinds, and enjoy the cinematic arts.  

9.  Go picking.  As in buying and selling stuff.  I just did this one.  My latest purchase: a vintage typewriter.  Doesn't work but you better believe I'm gonna paint that sucker turquoise and use it as a decoration.  

10.  Go to the beach and...learn to surf, build a massive sand castle, swim with dolphins, go metal detecting, wear sunscreen, and try not to get too much sand in your, you know.  Play a little beach volleyball.  Work out those glutes.  Stop and enjoy the sunset.  Look at all the fun things you can do at the beach.  No brainer.

Remember to keep an optimistic attitude.  It's contagious, after all, and no one is forcing you to have fun.  Let go a little.  Earn those laugh lines.  I'm willing to bet that eventually you will be surprised and discover a new layer of your personality.  And being active about enjoying it, giving yourself something to look forward to, is special.  Even if it is just the first fallen leaf of the season.

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  • brandon

    8/8/2013 3:01:06 AM | Reply

    I learned how to make balloon animals when I was 15, it was my first job. I have used that little skill to save more than one birthday party from disaster.  Balloon animals are so intense.