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Phone Time

How much time do you spend on your phone? If you're like me it is probably more often than you would like to admit, though I'm sure not nearly as much as some. Sometimes I find myself pulling it out of my pocket without thinking about it and swiping through the latest news stories or shared pictures over and over just to pass the time, even when nothing has been updated within the last five minutes. The news stories... especially with the 2016 presidential campaigning already starting. Time for a media fast.

We probably keep doing this because were looking to feel something, entertainment, enlightenment or just to pass the time until something more interesting happens. How desperate I am for more positive uplifting stories, something more engaging, more productive and less... did you hear what <insert politician name here> just said?

I have spent considerable time looking for sites like ColorMeRosy, there are some who come close, but most of the time I find that they are missing the mark a little. I hope that someday this site or a site like it will be filled with awesome, motivational stories, a safe place to go and read. So if you are going to be checking your phone every five minutes it won't be because <insert celebrity name here> just tweeted a new picture, but because an awesome story was just posted on ColorMeRosy.

Also, remember that this Sunday is Mother's Day. If there ever was a more uplifting story it would have to be about mom. So if you will be pulling your phone out for no apparent reason this Sunday, please give her a call.

p.s If you do want to track you phone time, there's an iPhone app for that - go check out 'Moment'.